Okay, before I get into my 2016 content strategy, the annoying geeky side of me is screaming, “A vacuum IS absolute nothingness!” Not necessarily and, really, who cares?

The truth hurts but my 2015 strategy consisted of writing inconsistent content for a vacuum of absolute nothingness. Seriously, I feel I produced some of the most helpful content of my blogging past in 2015 and rarely bothered sharing it on social networks, much less promoting it.

Enough of the pity party, let’s move on. I need a better content strategy.  I need a monetization strategy. Hell, I need better “everything” strategy. It’s going to take more than writing great blog posts. My immediate thoughts at 4:30 Monday morning, as I write this email to myself, include:

Content Strategy:

– Consistent content and more often. Maybe weekly posts aren’t enough anymore?

– Better email marketing. I’m working on 52 individual emails to plug into my autoresponder. I’m also putting 50+ fast blogging tips to include with each weekly email that will be sent in 2016 – starting this morning.

– Update and re-publish more blog posts from the archives. The few I updated last year quickly became more authoritative (on Google) and improved in the analytics. Here’s one I just re-published yesterday – from August of 2013: 15+ Potential Income Streams For Bloggers

– Repurpose older and quality posts to Medium and perhaps LinkedIn.

– Create Slideshares, infographics, and memes from more content.

– Weekly video or audio content? Blab?


– Put that blogging course together that sat on the backburner the entire year of 2015.

– A paid ebook is long overdue. The content is written so let’s get it published.

– A membership site, for sure.

Social and Promotion:

– Paid Facebook ads for product sales.

– Continue to ignore our Facebook page.

– Begin guest blogging?

– Better call to actions and landing pages for social media marketing.

Other Important Considerations:

– Is rebranding an option? Content marketing/creation rather than just blogging? Probably not. That would widen the focus rather than tighten in on a narrower niche.

– Join or put a mastermind group together.

– Outsourcing comes to mind since I just more than quadrupled my content creation plans from last year when I couldn’t find the time for a weekly blog post.

Time to jump in the shower, I think better in there anyway. To be continued…

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