Okay, what’s this site about? Well, I use it for my “Productivity Journal“, website & social media links, and even a RebelMouse page. I also use it as a blogging test-bed for projects I’m working on for HotBlogTips.com.

Note To Self - Productivity Hack

Here’s an entire post I wrote about it on Hot Blog Tips: Note To Self – Because it works well as a Productivity Hack

The idea behind the productivity Journal is very simplistic and it’s really for me and not the public but, of course, anyone is free to check it out. I made the posts public in case someone has a problem that I might have resolved. If they find it on search, hopefully they will benefit from my logs. There is, of course, the possibility that I’ll log a problem or challenge of my own and someone might decide to offer me the solution. A win – win, right?

I post via email and don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, format, images, seo, or even meta data. I just type myself a note and email it to myself. That email, in turn, posts automatically to my Productivity Journal which is a WordPress blog. Pretty cool, right. Another goal is to write and create more content this year and this little project seems to be perfect for that goal as well.

The journal is part of my 2015 goal to become much more productive. I’m about as disorganized as one can be and my mind & memory is even even worse. When someone says, “When did you migrate from AWeber to Get Response?” or “What was that forum link that helped you get your Chrome browser fixed?”, I have a way of very quickly finding the data. Everything is easily searched, either on Google, the blog, or even my Gmail account.

As far as productivity, if the last couple of days are any indication, this journal is kicking ass. I haven’t been able to accomplish so much for as long as I can remember.

I mentioned this domain is used as a test-bed, of sorts. For example, I’m using the Jetpack  plugin for the first time. I’ve never posted via email before. The theme I’m using is super elaborate, even though I’m using a minimalist view. This is the first blog that I’ve used zero meta data, steps for SEO, or even images. All of that makes for a nice lesson plan and possible a case study.

Feel free to browse around, leave a comment, share a post, or connect via one of my real blogs or social media. Thanks for stopping by, Brian D. Hawkins