I have the Awesome Plan of Buffer and it’s "almost" enough for me. I’m allowed 12 separate social profiles and I want to schedule about 15, maybe 18 profiles. I can upgrade to the Small Business plan for 25 connected social accounts but the $50/month is a little much for my tastes. I’m just glad they have the $10/mo The Awesome Plan.

NOTE TO SELF! I just thought of something. Look into purchasing two different Awesome Plans for $20 and have up to 24 social account profiles available. Wow, I’m a freakin’ genius! Is that cheating? I’ll have to give it some thought. Maybe I’ll even send the idea over to Buffer. I bet they offer me a deal. Good people over there from my experience.

Anyway, Buffer now allows connection to Pinterest accounts. I wanted to have that option and I have a couple of accounts that are a little "less important" for me that I can remove to make room – since I’m only allowed 12 social accounts with my current plan. I removed my Free Blog Image G+ business page and added my Pinterest business account.

Next, I had to boot my Amazing Animal Watch to make room for our shiny brand new LinkedIn business page. I’m REALLY excited about this one. Thank you Buffer for allowing LinkedIn connections. It looks like we can setup LinkedIn profiles (which I already have setup), LinkedIn business pages, and even LinkedIn Groups.

Does Buffer have an affiliate program? I’ll have to look into this. I’d love to promote Buffer App.

What’s next? I need to setup some of my favorite blogs into the feed options. My plan allows 15 RSS feeds for each social profile and I’ve only setup two feeds and that is just for the Hot Blog Tips Twitter account @HotBlogTips.

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  1. Brenda Lee says:

    I am a huge Buffer fan as well, and for the record, there isn’t an Affiliate program …. yet. 🙂

    • Thanks Brenda. I was looking so I appreciate you telling me that. Now I can stop looking. Some sites hide affiliate programs or use third party affiliate services so I wasn’t sure.

      I hope they get one. I found a comment on their blog where they said they planned on implementing an affiliate program but I believe that was back in 2011. I only promote products I use and believe in and Buffer would be right up the at the top of my list as far as affiliate promotion. I’ll still recommend them, of course.

      Thanks for stopping by. 😉

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