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I leased an unmanaged dedicated server from 2006 until late last year. Un-managed means you, for the most part, are responsible for updates, security, settings, and keeping everything going smooth. There’s a lot more to this than most people realize. You can read about that at What They Don’t Tell You About Dedicated Servers.

Managed dedicated servers can be very expensive so I feel pretty lucky with Hive Node. Not only did I save money but I get a peace of mind to go along with it.

A couple of days ago several of my sites, including Hot Blog Tips, started getting hammered with Ddos attacks. Troy from Hive Node suggested I use CloudFlare. I already had CloudFlare setup for Hot Blog Tips but not the others.

I didn’t realize CloudFlare isn’t effective without using the "www" in our URL unless we use their nameservers. I’ve been using my own name-servers for over 10 years now and wasn’t sure what the ramifications of switching might be. I certainly didn’t want to add ‘www’ to a bunch of sites that have never used it before.

All About WordPress to the rescue. All About WordPress is a fantastic Facebook group that has helped me many times. They helped me decide how to get the most from CloudFlare, as well as a couple of other helpful tips.

Managed Server – Above And Beyond – Troy with Hive Node actually added me too his account and gave be the nameserver addresses so all I had to do was change them in NameCheap. That was it! Seriously, that was a big deal for me because CloudFlare looks pretty daunting and I was getting nowhere trying to figure it out one my own.

SEE: How To Transfer Your Domains From GoDaddy To NameCheap

Now with my blogs safer, even faster, I can get back to creating content. That, my friends, is the part I enjoy.

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