I purchased the Pocket Casts Android App by Shifty Jelly back in September 2013. This is a podcasting app and that is about the time I really began seriously listing to podcasts. Today, I think most people wouldn’t believe how many hours of podcasts I listen to each week. It’s actually a little embarrassing to tell you the truth.

Anyway, it seemed like everyone (mostly Android users, like me) was using the Stitcher Radio app so I decided to give it a try. I loved the layout and how easy it was to use it. I decided Stitcher would be my podcasting app of choice. About the only thing I really missed was the ability to speed-up the playback speed. Listening at 1 1/2 or even 2 times the speed can really cut down the time it takes to get through all of the podcasts I’m subscribed to.

One day last year, for whatever reason, Stitcher went down for the entire day. You know you’re addicted when a phone app goes down and it seems like the World is crashing down around you. 😉 That day I downloaded the DoggCatcher app and hated it. Seriously, I thought I was pretty tech savvy but I couldn’t figure that thing out. Luckily, Stitcher came back up after a day and I deleted the DoggCatcher experience.

Well, I guess I just got tired of waiting for Stitcher Radio to add to playback speed function that just about every other podcast phone app has. And it has really been very buggy lately. I mean messages telling me it was down for maintenance in the middle of the day or it just locking up and unable to download new shows. And then some of the shows where only a minute long. I mean, the actual podcast might be 30 or 60 minutes but, for whatever reason, the upload the podcaster uploaded was only partially captured.

After a little online research to find a better Android app, Pocket Casts kept showing up. I went to Google Play Store to download it, and since I already paid once, it was freely available again.

It took a while to get my shows organized the way I like but, let me tall you, I’m loving Pocket Casts. I wish I had never left. I have my adjustable speeds back as well as a couple of things I had forgotten about.

Things like the links in the show notes are actually clickable. It was so frustrating to have to find a show on their website to visit a link they mentioned because there are no hyperlinks on the Stitcher app.

Another thing I forgot about Pocket Casts was I can subscribe to video podcasts too. I’m starting to really enjoy a couple of those.

Here’s on last thing about Pocket Casts that I think adds a lot of value. I like to listen to podcasts on my phone but through my TV, if that makes sense. I have ChromeCast for TV and, with Stitcher, I would need to open up the Chromecast app in order to cast my shows over to the TV. Pocket Casts has that little ChromeCast icon built in, just like Pandora and YouTube. That is a big plus for me and I think I’ll be using Pocket Casts for a long time.

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