I knew Copyblogger has the Rainmaker Platform from a Copyblogger email I received back in the beginning of 2014. It seems like an amazing platform but at $79 to $95 per month, Rainmaker doesn’t seem like a good alternative for my WordPress blogs at this time. I also received the email about their online marketing conference, Authority Rainmaker. You can even get two weeks of free marketing training from Rainmaker.fm.

What I didn’t know was there’s a Rainmaker podcast. Actually, there are over a dozen podcast shows. To say I’m a podcast listener is like saying Megan Fox is kind of cute. On Stitcher alone I’ve listened to 1,526 hours of podcasts since September, 2013. I’m glad to find the Rainmaker (Copyblogger) podcasts. Now I would love to see Joel Comm start podcasting again.

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