My SnapChat video and daily archive for Friday, the 4th of March, 2016. 

Included in today’s snaps:

Good morning snap – because I care. 🙂

I ask you what exactly do you want from me on SnapChat. Originally, I planned to post blogging tips on SnapChat. While I do some of that, most of my snaps are personal updates and random thoughts, mixed with a little silliness.  So I’d be interested in hearing what most of my SnapChat family would rather see from me.

Next up, I take a break from today’s hard grind and chat with you for a few minutes in a Tim Hortons. Today’s topic? Content repurposization. Wow, I think I just broke Grammarly in half with that one. LOL

So I was listening to The Cliff Ravenscraft Show, AKA The Podcast Answerman, and Cliff was talking about rebranding. He also explained that he has been repurposing his SnapChat stories. Since you’re here reading this, you know I already upload my snaps to YouTube and post them here each day as a vlog.

I’ve also taken 10-second clips and repurposed those to Instagram. Although, Instagram may be another social site that I intentionally ignore again. We’ll see. I know SnapChat quickly past all other social media platforms for now.

If you’re still sitting on your hands and not jumping on SnapChap, PLEASE, pull your hands free and slap yourself in the face. LOL Seriously, it’s worth a look.

Anyway, as I digress myself into a corner, Cliff also repurposes his SnapChat videos to Facebook. I think that’s a great idea. My Facebook page is all but dead. The owner/admin seems to suck at keeping it going. Someone should fire him. 😉

I’m also going to look into other platforms as well. Perhaps Tumblr, Medium, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Starting to get the picture? That’s pretty exciting, am I right? Hell yaz!

Lets see, what else happened today?

Oh, I made it to the gym. Yay for me. So I headed straight to Walmart to buy shower shoes. Then, a beeline to the gym.

I played on a couple of ellipticals (didn’t like them), and then I knocked out 2 miles on the treadmill. Then I hit the dumbells with some real he-man weight – 17.5 lbs. Hooah

I curled and “reverse curled?” I even showed you my muscle – twice. You were impressed – twice.

Then I made it home just in time to watch to Originals. Awesome show.

That’s about it. Thanks, and blog on, Brian Hawkins

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It’s a Thursday and, finally, I slept through the night. #HappyDance 🙂

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