My Snapchat video and daily archive for Tuesday, the 8th of March, 2016.

Another fine day in Brian’s world. I was up, wide awake just a little after 5 am.

I shared a personalized, hand written postcard from Pat Flynn.

It was like spring outside here in Michigan today. I snapped a couple beautiful dead tree ponds today. The ice is still melting on the larger of the two. They’re in Novi, Michigan.

I looked at and purchased a stand-up desk today. I can pick it up tomorrow. It’s the UpLift 900 adjustable height standing desk.

Once I got home, I started working to free up enough room in my studio to accommodate the new stand-up desk. My studio is 12-foot square and packed full with two desks, two tables, two file cabinets, and a whole bunch of junk.

I moved my oak roll-top desk into the living room. It looks nice in there and I honestly didn’t use it in my studio. I had an old desktop running Vista and I stored my geek toys on top of the desk.

Thanks, and blog on, Brian Hawkins

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