My Snapchat video and daily archive for Saturday, the 12th of March 2016.

Well, today was a little different than most Saturdays. I got very little accomplished but did log in a lot of points for family time.

My wife, Kim, is off from work this weekend and she woke up and made me breakfast. She made me bacon and eggs AND sausage.

Then, for brunch, my oldest daughter, Crissy, brought me a prime rib burrito. It was great. She also brought a bunch of other food, including fancy ice cream cookies, but I let the rest of the family dig into all those carbs, I have a figure to watch. 😉

Just after brunch, I got a rare visit from my brother-in-law, my wife’s youngest brother. During his visit, I mentioned how my TV has a semi-transparent line running vertically through the screen. Apparently, this is TV damage that cannot be repaired.

Norm, my brother-in-law, told me about a very good sales rep at ABC Warehouse that he’s purchased six TVs and several appliances from. I love this kind of referral and happily took the sales rep’s name. Norm even called ahead for me, made a little pre-introduction, and checked to make sure his our TV guy would be in today.

When Kim made it home from grocery shopping, we had to make a trip to our local no-kill animal shelter and turn in my son’s girlfriend’s cat. Long story.

From there, we decided to use the referral from my brother-in-law and see what kind of TV we could get from ABC Warehouse.

We ordered a Philips 43PFL4609 – 43″ Smart LED TV – 1080 Pixel Plus, 120 Hz for $356. The sales rep also added a year of free in-home warranty. We can pick-up the new TV on Wednesday, maybe even Tuesday.

One last stop on the way home. My wife and I stopped and ate a late lunch at a tiny local dinner, here in Belleville, Michigan, called The Lunch Box. I had a Patty Melt and my wife ordered a Rubin Sandwich. As we were leaving, I leaned over the waitress counter and shouted to the cooks that they made the best lunch in town. I fully meant it, we’ll be back, for sure.

As soon as I got home, to my wife’s disappointment, I pulled the broken TV from our living room and put it in my studio. I added it as a second screen to my laptop.

Even with the ugly line, I can fit two full browsers and my TweetDeck Twitter stream on the screen.

Since the line is semi-transparent, I can still watch Netflix, Cable TV, Amazon, Hulu, any other smart TV app., as well as anything online.

My wife actually had me bring in a small recliner so she could come in here and watch last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. I promptly stole the chair from her and fell asleep.

Thanks, and blog on, Brian Hawkins

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