My Snapchat video and daily archive for Thursday, the 17th of March 2016.

First, Happy freakin’ St. Patricks Day. I wore a green shirt.

I thought out my plan for the day and then asked my Snapchat peeps about their day. Because I care. đŸ˜›

I showed a picture of my grandfather that looks just like Nicolas Cage.

I read and reviewed a short Kindle book for a friend today.

The book is titled, “A Mortician’s Point of View: On Conscious Death and Dying” and you can see my review here on Amazon.

We’ve had pretty strong winds here in SE Michigan over the last two days so after work, I spent a bit of time in the backyard picking up sticks. Exciting stuff.

I was a little distracted playing with one of my grandsons tonight so I’m running behind. I’m actually writing this at 12:30 in the morning when I should be rounding the corner of y second hour of sleep.

I also wrote and scheduled an email for my VIP List to go out in the morning.The topic?

The topic? I wouldn’t normally share this but since you’re reading my vlog, I’ll give you the title.

It’s “Dare to name your day.” More on the tomorrow.. or today… or, whatever.

Thanks, and blog on, Brian Hawkins

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