My Snapchat video and daily archive for Friday, the 18th of March 2016.

First thing this morning. after a little reading, meditation, and exercise (my tri-morning routine), I made my morning smoothie and my soup for lunch today.

I made the Chia Seed Coconut & Spinach Smoothie that I mentioned on Wednesday, only I used a cocoa-chia seed mix and I used chocolate protein powder replacing plain chia seeds and vanilla protein powder. Personally, I think this is a huge improvement as far as taste.

I also made the same chicken vegetable soup but I added leftover Shake’N Bake chicken breasts to the pre-cooked fajita chicken. I did wash most of the Shake’N Bake mix off the chicken before adding it to the soup.

Both the soup and the smoothie turned out perfect. I enjoyed both.


I mentioned today how much I liked the idea of naming our day – every day. I watched Snapchat buddy Brenda White (white-brenda on Snapchat) name her day earlier this week and I thought it was pure genius.

I told her so and she suggested we start a movement. I think that’s a great idea.

I did do a quick Google search and noticed the term Name Your Day, as well as the hashtag #NameYourDay are not new. It doesn’t look like they gained much traction but others have tried before.

I even sent an email out to my Hot Blog Tips’ VIP List about it.Think about the potential power of putting an identity to each day.

Think about the potential power of putting an identity to each day – by naming it. Then you only have to live up to the name you assigned the day. Think f the name as a goal and you just need to find the path that makes your day everything you planned for it.

For example, today, I named my day today as “Healthy Finish“. I started my day off healthy, with my tri-morning routine, a healthy smoothie, and low-carb soup for lunch. All I had to da was stay on that healthy habit trajectory, including making the gym a priority. I did and it was. See the power?

Tomorrow is Saturday, a big content creation day for me. I’ll probably call tomorrow something like, “Content Crushing Saturday.” Yeah, I like that.

Thanks, and blog on, Brian Hawkins

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