My Snapchat video and daily archive for Saturday, the 19th of March 2016.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have many new connections on Snapchat lately, 36 new people just added me yesterday. With all of the new connections, I thought it about time to re-introduce myself and tell a little about me. So, I came up with:

10 Snaps to getting to know Brian Hawkins a little better.

  1. I’m a blogger. Mainly at and I’m very good at it.
  2. I’m a local truck driver. I’m home every night and on the weekends.
  3. I’m in the process of losing weight. I’m hitting the gym three times a week, or more, eating low carb, and three years ago I lost 70lbs. doing the same thing.
  4. I like cooking on the weekends. I like to cook low-carb and with cast iron.
  5. I’m an animal lover. And I have a friend named Sadie and we love each other.
  6. I can be funny at times. Unfortunately, most people don’t even notice. Maybe I’m not that funny?
  7. I’ve been married to the same lovely lady for 32 years. Thirty-three years this August. Her name is Kim.
  8. We have 4 grown children, 6 grandsons, and I’m still waiting on someone to give me a granddaughter.
  9. I live in South East Michigan, Belleville, MI. I’d rather live in San Diago, CA. Preferred neighbors? Let’s see, Patt Flynn, Amy Porterfield, John Lee Dumas. Yeah, I’ll take that.
  10. I bitch a lot. But, luckily, I edit that out.

Big Cast Iron Breakfast

Today started like most Saturday mornings, I started my day with a hearty (massive, huge, insane) cast iron, low-carb breakfast.

I made a breakfast stirfry in my cast iron wok.

The stirfry looked like this:

  1.  A pound of bacon.
  2. Half a pound of sausage links.
  3. Yellow and red peppers.
  4. Five onions.
  5. A tiny bit of leftover hashbrowns – remember low carb.
  6. A dozen eggs. Yes, I said a dozen.
  7. Topped with 3-blend sliced cheese.

Sure, a great breakfast for the entire family but, two hours of cooking and a heavy meal made me so tired. Way too tired. Big mistake.

If there’s ever been a day I felt I pissed away, this is it. Nothing on my list was accomplished.

Thanks, and blog on, Brian Hawkins

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