My Snapchat video and daily archive for Sunday, the 20th of March 2016.

I enjoyed my weekend and today was a simple one.  I didn’t crush the world with my content or productivity, but it was enjoyable.

I got a little done and spent a good long time in a Google Hangout with Sheryl Loch and Lany Sullivan. Let’s call it a brainstorming session. Yeah, that’s what we’ll call it.

I jumped on Blab for a bit and then started cleaning up my studio. I work much better with things in order.

I did finally order my activity tracker watch. It should be here by Tuesday. Gotta love Amazon Prime. I purchased the Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker. That is not an affiliate link – I’m too tired to go through all that right now. 😉

I did batch my healthy soup for the week. Or at least, three days worth. It’s tough to tell how many times the pot will fill my thermos.

I made Chicken vegetable soup again. As usual, it tastes great. 😉

I am a little mad at myself. This is the second Sunday in a row where I forgot to turn on the TV and watch The Walking Dead. I need to set an alarm. In fact, hold on.

Okay, good. I now have 9 PM set-up on my Google calendar with a 30-minute alert. I’ll stream it online tomorrow after the gym if it isn’t too late.

That’s about it. Early day tomorrow so good night.

Thanks, and blog on, Brian Hawkins

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