I setup AmazingAnimalWatch.com as a project for my wife but she has lost interest in learning to blog and just wants to focus on the Facebook page. Truthfully, that’s all she ever wanted to do but I got a little excited and tried to “expand” that interest into blogging and other social media. She was a good sport but just didn’t have her heart into it.

So I’ll keep the URL in case we need it later but for now I’ll set it up to re-direct to the Amazing Animal Watch Facebook Page.

I’ll probably put the Amazing Animal Watch Twitter account @WatchAnimalVids into the “rebrand later” pile. In the meantime I’ll update it a couple of times a month just to stay active enough to keep it. I just took the Twitter acct out of Buffer since I had social accounts with higher priorities. It was that realization that triggered these plans; an overdue decision since the last blog update was almost a year ago.

✓ UPDATE: Domain has been re-directed. EzyPeezy. That’s one less blog to worry about now. 😉

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