I’m a huge Evernote fan and user. After being asked for my medications from a doctor last week and needing a credit card number that I don’t carry with me just yesterday, I decided those things might be a nice fit for Evernote storage and access. I just don’t have the memory for this type of thing.

Business Cards: First I started scanning all of my business cards into a separate stack. Evernote has a cool "business card" setting on its camera feature and it does a pretty nice job of capturing the numbers and details as well. It also allows me to send those same names and numbers to my Google contact list. No need to carry those cards around or take up drawer space anymore. I tossed them all into the trash now that they’re in my Evernote and contact list.

Oh, and those cards are actually searchable withing Evernote! So if I need the number to the auto repair shop I use, for example, I can search for it if I forget the business name.

Membership Cards: I created a new stack (A group of notes) for my membership and loyalty cards. I still carry these but I have the numbers if I ever need them now.

Driver’s License: I’m that guy that has to dig in his wallet whenever I need something like my driver’s license number. Now the license image and numbers are just a click away across all of my devices.

Credit Cards: Yep, I even scanned all of my credit cards and debit cards.

BTW, here’s another tip: I scanned the phone numbers needed to report the cards if they’re stolen too.

Miscellaneous: I went through my wallet to find other things to backup. Things like my bank account numbers, phone numbers, other account numbers, and even my shot records.

Scary? A little, but there are a million other locations those numbers can be stolen from. Now I have instant access. I will note that I do use the upgraded version of Evernote and use a long password. Plus the premium version is supposed to be more secure that the basic account.

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