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I’ve been hearing about the power of the Scrivener Writing Software for years now kept putting it off because MS Word seemed to be working just fine for me.

Well, Microsoft still isn’t an issue, especially since WordPress now cleans up crappy Word code residue when we cut and paste blog content created or edited in a Word Document.

No, I just got tired of seeing it in my “To Check Out” notebook on Evernote everyday.

So I downloaded the trial yesterday morning and almost deleted it half an hour later. I’m old, it is different, and there’s really not much more to it that that. I was having a tough time figuring this new toy out.

Rather than giving up and telling myself old school was still cool, I decided to watch a couple of Scrivener tutorial videos. Wow, am I glad I took the time to do that?!

Once I have Scrivener organized (probably the most important part of getting started), I couldn’t put the program away. You know, shiny new object and all that.

So I used Scrivener to write my latest Hot Blog Tips post (going live in a few hours), the accompanying download/guide, several pieces of promotional copy, a personal blog post (also going live soon), and several small drafts of other content.

I even woke up this morning deciding to forget about the trail and just fork out the 40 bucks or whatever it costs and make it mine.

I am going to wait until after 11pm tonight however. That’s when I scheduled my Window’s 10 upgrades and I want that in place before I add (or buy) any new programs. Scrivener is supposed to be Windows 10 ready but I’m not going to take any chances just to pay a few hours earlier.


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